Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I was here...

Photos: Bonnie "Prince" Billy [Jeffersontown, KY; 07/26/08] | Pitchfork

It was quite a day, and thankfully I have a commemorative kazoo to show for it. The rock didn't stop though. Got home in time Sunday to walk to Wicker Park fest for Red Sparrowes and Isis, then kept walking to the Bottle for Witch Hats and Cococoma. I thought I would have been dead today, yet I somehow managed to make it back to the Bottle tonite for the Dials. I guess I will rest when I am dead. Or at least super legitimately exhausted.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Lego Album Covers

A little heavy on the Beatles, but adorable nonetheless. I have a lot of Legos around but not much ambition.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

on the road to Louisville

we're off to see Bonnie "Prince" Billy in a field! For updates see http://twitter.com/samorama !

Friday, July 25, 2008

Oh yeah, the review of that super amazing show July 19...

I thought it was cruel when Pitchfork divided two of the artists I gave a crap about into different days, so when I initially caught wind of this Bottom Lounge show on Cheap Time's MySpace I was pretty excited. There was also some fear that it would somehow suck since I was so stoked, but it in no way sucked. Tim and I got there early and found regular customer Shaun at the bar and hung out with him 'til doors. I lingered around until it looked necessary to grab a spot at the front of the stage and I somehow managed to maintain it the whole evening. The Duchess and the Duke were pleasant enough and didn't incite the crowd to riot. A/V Murder were tough as shit. I will absolutely make sure I see them again. Cheap Time started out with the slow building then exploding all over your face "Trip to the Zoo" and kept right on going. The crowd was an odd mix of dudes who had been at P4k all day drinking and other folks who knew that was the best thing going on all weekend, and the collision in the "mosh pit" of the two was pretty silly. While I may be a little rusty in the "mosh" department I will say it would have taken like 10 of those kids at once to even budge me. I did get a few hard earned bruises. Oh yeah back to Cheap Time... so good! I could barely contain my pogo during "People Talk". Buy their album! Then there was Jay Reatard! Seeing him live is a whole 'nother story from listening to his records, because they play the songs so damn fast and hard that you barely realize what song it was before they start the next. I know he yells them out to the band but you kinda can't understand that either. Asian Paul flanked Melissa and I up front, which was nice to have someone sing and swoon along with. (Melissa may try and deny this, but I think she was swoony a bit.) While it seems crazy to think anyone could follow up The Jay Reatard Experience, sho nuff King Khan and his Shrines did so! It was their first US tour, and I don't know if this country is yet ready for them. The show was everything I hoped for, though it seems a bit silly that "moshing" continued during their horn-drenched stomping go-go soul, but so it went. There was also the girl kneeling on stage in between the monitors that was a "huh?" Oh well, I was scouring the room for my ass afterwards because I danced it right off. BEST SHOW EVER, and too drained for the Fest on Sunday. Crappy photos here.

(Oh, yet it might get a run for its money with King Khan and BBQ Show back at the Bottom Lounge on Halloween! yeehaw!)

7" Round Up

My attention span is short lately, as evidenced by the lack of postings, so here's some quick reviews of some singles you might find digging in our 7" section, or on my actual in-store pick rack:

The Barbaras "Summertime Road"
Take some awesome 60s sunshine pop and listen through a paper bag full of airplane glue and you've got this 7". It's the #1 jam of the summer, no foolin'!

Vivian Girls "Tell the World"
Warning: listening to this over and over will put you in a hazy trance. "I Believe in Nothing" is my favorite of the three songs that work together to make a pretty ugly low fi foe funnn sandwich of something I can't put my finger on.

Cococoma/Hipshakes split
Oh this is the sort of stuff that will turn the youngens into rabble rousers. An original by each and a loving cover by each. There will be dirt on your leg when you are done listening to this and you won't be sure where it came from.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy P4K Weekend!

Sorry dear readers, I did not disappear after my vacation as my lack of posting would indicate. My energy has been sapped by these dog days of summer, which means one thing: It is hot enough to listen to rock music in a park! As per tradition, I will avoid Lollapalooza and will probably only be in Union Park on Sunday. There are some super terrific OTHER shows this weekend if hanging out with hot sweaty people and eating meat on a stick is not your thing. Friday Night's Victim of Time Snooze Fest lineup at Beat Kitchen should be rad and weird. After work Saturday I am heading over to Bottom Lounge, of course, for what should be the SHOW! OF! THE! CENTURY!!!! with King Khan and the Shrines, Jay Reatard, Cheap Time, & A/V Murder (I so hope this doesn't suck. It can't suck, right?). If Sunday's weather doesn't suck I'll hang in the park a bit, but what about the metal at the Bottle that night? Boris, Torche, & Nachmystium! F Yeah! Drink lots of water and don't go too nuts on the Sparks!

Friday, July 04, 2008