Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pavement Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinals Edition

First of all: How does Matador do it? They give us two disc reissues where disc one also has a ton of extra stuff, a disc two that's all awesome, and a really lovely book for only a couple bucks more then when the album came out. Major labels do the same thing (usually with less bonus tracks, etc) and charge $32+. I guess that's why they have a ton of money to put out stuff that's not that awesome right now. Anyhoot, back to the matter at hand: my least favorite Pavement album. That's not an insult mind you, my least favorite Pavement album beats, say, my favorite Justin Timberlake album anyday, and multiple listens to this makes me realize that even more. I would much rather be stuck on a desert island with only a CD player that operates on solar power and this deluxe reissue of Wowee Zowee as opposed to anything in the top ten right now. (haven't ipods really killed that whole "desert island disc" thing? I mean, kids aren't gonna understand that you can only take 5 records to a desert island... that's what portable music players are for. My ipod is locked and loaded for desert islandom). Oh yeah, Pavement. Dammit. I love this band. I would be happy if the bonus tracks were Malkmus farts and Spiral Stairs burps. They would go right on the ipod. Thanks Matador, for giving us more than farts and burps!

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