Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Emmett Otter Bound for the Stage and Muppets Etc.

I'm not sure how a live action otter puppet musical is really going to work, but Paul Williams is involved. I've yet to hear his Happy Days musical. That Muppet Central site is pretty cool, the news about the Sarah Marshall guy writing the next Muppet Movie is pretty interesting. For further Muppet information, get lost in the Muppet Wiki. Finally, we have The Muppet Show Season 3 in stock. The first two are great of course, but it gets really super awesome with this one. I've just started disc 2 but there's already a few standouts: Gilda Radner paired with a giant carrot doing songs from Pirates of Penzance, Alice Cooper's "School's Out" with giant monster choreography, and Loretta Lynn's appearance taking place in a train station instead of the usual theatre.

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