Friday, June 06, 2008

Buiding up to the Finale...

So imagine my surprise when I get back from jukeboxing it up at the Gingerman and there's Rhett Miller at my table. How did I know it was Rhett? Well, the guy says, as I sit myself down "Hey Samorama, I'm Rhett." Paul really made this one the most FUN yet as we got out of the cab and Ken immediately starts yakkin' away, but somehow thinks he's talking to a guy named, uh, Daniel. Paul is of course too nice to correct him. Somehow Rhett got me right though. Oh, the show? Tons of fun, the new songs sounded good (I am holding out for the vinyl, for reals!) and the classics (Barrier Reef! Er... Rollerskate Skinny, um, help me out here)... anyhoot, so far the most FUN I have had this week (Jamie still holds best in show). Wow, three more nights left!

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