Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Saturday: Started out at "Do Division" with Meg and Bob, mostly heard and sort of saw Mucca Pazza. Meg is fortunate enough to live in the middle of the fest, so we saved a lot of dough on beer. Bob and I made our way over to Metro, with a brief pitstop at the Gingerman, and got in right as the Breeders were starting, and we mainly heard them. They played the hits, the new weird stuff, it all sounded good. One more brief pitstop at Gingerman and then I made my way to Quenchers to catch the tail end of the Boogie Band, aka Baby Alright. Adam, LeRoy, myself and Wassup! magazine and who knows who else all crammed in the photobooth for posterity.

Sunday: Did Division with Sooz and Paul. We caught the opening set from Tullymonster, and there was totally a kid with a pet rooster. After lunch and hanging in Meg's hospitality suite we did make our way out for 1900s, Gil Mantera's Party Dream and Ted Leo and Pharmacists. I know it was a $5 street fest, but man the sound was terrible.

Monday: I actually went to possibly my least favorite venue (Logan Square Auditorium) for Islands. The sound wasn't too terrible, and despite being there COMPLETELY alone I had had a good time. I was amongst a bunch of loners, I guess I should have introduced myself.

Nels Cline Singers/Jeff Parker Trio tonight!


Meg said...

So, from time to time I get some time to sit and play in cyber space. I've been entertained by all your sites/blogs/pages. But, every time I sit to read one of your blogs, I find myself slightly offended. Here goes:
1. It was me, yes me, I was cramming myself in the photo booth to try and kiss you...but, I noticed you didn't even post that picture...the back of my head is lovely and the rest of the cyber world would be lucky to see it.
2. Now, from time to time, I get caught up with work and other Meg shit and I lose track of the music I love. APPARENTLY, according to your blog there was an "It's a Shame About Ray" re-release limited edition thing and some how you or Adam both failed to inform me, or even give me an autographed copy.

I will be at home tonight, sick, sulking and reflecting on our friendship...or possibly lack there of...

P.S. I'm glad someone got good use of the hospitality suite and thanks for the TP.

Sam said...

Oh of course it was you!! Meg, It is a wonder I remember the most rudimentary of events from Quenchers on. If it weren't for those pix I REALLY wouldn't remember. If they were colour and not black n white there would be no doubt it was you! But uh, yeah, that was a big blur. I hope to see you at the Hideout Saturday?!?