Monday, September 08, 2008

Milk N' Cookies - s/t Vinyl Reissue

Radio Heartbeat has been putting out beautiful vinyl reissues of impossible to find 70s awesomeness (I don't like to pigeonhole it as "powerpop" because that is a dirty word to some ROCK fans) and this Milk N' Cookies reissue is a really lovely thing to behold. The first LP is the scrapped Island full length from 1974 (later out on Sire in 1976) and the second LP is a 45 RPMer of singles. These guys had a timeless look that I'd place as suburban Ramones and the sound is not-as-cheezy Bay City Rollers fuck yeah. If you dig current bands like the Busy Signals and Cheap Time and also have a sweet tooth, I would pick this up ASAP. I can't imagine it being around for long. Serious dance around your room good time stuff here.

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