Saturday, December 30, 2006

Top 20 Territory!

20. Sparks - Hello Young Lovers
I was in the back eating and I didn't really understand what I was hearing. It sat getting dusty in the racks since the release date, but it was quickly snatched off Gabe's shelf that day. It's like Danger Mouse meets Queen or something, pretty damn mindblowing.

19. Midlake - Trials of Van Occupanther
This is a late addition, which I just had to knock out Flaming Lips for. In fact, if I had more time with it than just a couple days, it would probably be really high up there. It's like someone took all those albums from the 70s that were all over the radio (I swear, I was waiting for Stevie Nicks on the opening track) and made them way fucking cooler.

18. Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies
I finally "got" Dan Bejar this year, after seeing him live w/ New Pornographers at Metro late last year, and opening for Magnolia Electric Co. at the Abbey this year. Indie rock needs some pretension, and Destroyer delivers in spades.

17. Islands - Return to the Sea
The Unicorns who? I don't understand what a big fuss was made over that band when they hit, and it seems all the talent survived to carry on in Islands. Quirky without being too whimsical, noise in the right places, cutsey fun when necessary. Great job!

16. Catfish Haven - Please Come Back EP/ Tell Me LP
I had to lump both of these together as on entity. I kinda wish they had made one kick ass album and gotten rid of the "slow jams" on Tell Me but really overally I love it all. Rockin' accoustic lead geetar, dancey grooveyness...dang!

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