Monday, March 17, 2008

BubeTube #1

Inspired by the blocks of good music video programming on Sunday Nights I present to you "Sam O'Rama's Rack Presents BubeTube!"

1. Andrew Bird - "Imitosis" Official Video
Gee, this looks good! I actually saw it on MTV tonight, awesome!

2. The New Pornographers - "Myriad Harbour" - Official Video

Animated Dan Bejar. Neat!

3. R.E.M. - "Supernatural Superserious" - Official Video
Also saw this on MTV tonight. I am SHOCKED I really like it! Thax didn't like the album when heard it, so I was kinda worried.

4. Faith No More - "Easy" - Official Video
FNM and men in drag do a really good job on this Commodores classic.

5. Velocity Girl - "I Can't Stop Smiling" - Official Video
This was such a great freaking album.

6. Fuzzbox - "Love is the Slug" - Official Video
These gals should have been HUGE.

7. Bolshoi - "Sunday Morning" - Official Video
I dunno, I always liked this song.

8. Wilco - "Jesus Etc." - Official Video
Whoa, there were only 4 guys in that band for a while.

9. Thompson Twins - "Hold Me Now" - Official Video

This video takes advantage of 80s video technology.

10. Le Tigre - "Deceptacon" - Fan Video

UTTERLY BRILLIANT. Of course Jem is Kathleen Hannah.

11. The Magnetic Fields - "I Don't Believe You" - Fan Video

Set to clips from, uh, House. The TV show House starring Hugh Laurie. Dude, I didn't make it. I don't know!

12. The Monkees - "I'll Be Back Upon My Feet" - Fan Video
YES YES YES! Perfectly AWESOME!! Man these tv show fan vids are the BEST!!

13. The Osmonds - "Down By The Lazy River" - Live Video
People talk shit about the Osmonds, but look at them electrify the State Fair!!

14. The Brady Bunch - "Sunshine Day" - Official Video
You WISH you could write a pop song like this!

15. The Flat Five - "Kites Are Fun" - Live Video
Scott, Kelly and Nora nail those otherworldy harmonies.

16. Tarkio - ? - Live Video
Colin Meloy a long time ago.

17. Gary Louris - "We'll Get By" - Live Video

I think it unsynchs at some point, which makes it a little trippy, man!

18. "MacArthur Park" - Wayne Newton - Live Video
If you make it 'til the end you get a prize!

19. Ernie and Hoots - "Put Down the Duckie" - Official Video
features some amazing guest spots by Edith Prickley, Pee Wee Herman, Ladysmith Black Mambazo.. trust me.

20. Gnarls Barkley - "Run" - Official Video

Oooh yeah!

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