Thursday, March 20, 2008


Being slightly disenchanted with the current state of indie rock (I feel like everything new coming out sounds like the same three bands!) I am just going crazy with reissues! Yes, I am spending my hard earned money to buy music I have already purchased in the past! First up is the freaking gorgeous trilogy of Mission of Burma LPs and CDs from super awesome Matador. I opted for the LPs, and man, they know what they are doing! Signals, Calls and Marches, Vs., and (then) posthumous live album The Horrible Truth About Burma all look and sound like a dream! The LPs all include LIVE DVDs (which I haven't watched yet, but I think they are all three different full length shows), full size booklets loaded with photos and interviews AND codes for digital downloading. You might want to hold on to your original LPs though, these guys are HEAVY. The CDs include the DVD and CD sized booklets. Next is Gary Numan + Tubeway Army's already excellent Replicas Redux CD. You get the original album with a handful of B-side type stuff and a second disc loaded with "early versions". Also the prerequisite very interesting booklet with the same sorta stuff I mentioned on the MoB's. While a money grubbing major label (just kidding, I love you majors too) would charge like $25 for something that awesome, each CD will only set you back $14.99! (Those LPs are under $25 though, not bad!) Also out now are 4 Men With Beards Scott Walker LP reissues. While I have not personally bought them because my dear friend Paul picked up Scott-3 while on holiday in the UK for me and I got some weird Phillips reissue of 4, I have heard my coworkers playing them and they sound great. Heavy jackets and very faithful to the original sleeves (maybe better, the originals are really flimsy!) these are a must own for any sentient being with a turntable. I'm still thinking about the Whiskeytown Strangers Almanac deluxe CD, but with the vinyl coming out soon (probably without bonus stuff) I'll probably hold off. Next week the Lemonheads It's a Shame About Ray is out, expect me to gush beyond belief over that one.

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