Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Record Store Day!

This whole Record Store Day thing kinda came out of nowhere, but if you want to give us snacks and drinks then by all means go for it! I will now remember some of my favorite record stores for you:

1.Yesterday and Today, Jacksonville, FL

This guy was strictly used, but I went through all my phases with him, LPs, cassettes, CDs. He'd also just get in super cool random posters, magazines, etc. He was conveniently located next to a grocery store so I could get there with my mom pretty easily. I was very sad the day he closed.

That One Place I Can't Remember the Name Of, that was once in 5 Points and then moved to near UNF, Jacksonville, FL

I loved it so much I cannot remember the name of it. I saw a Reel Big Fish instore there that I remember being super awesome (this was like 11 years ago, come on now!) and I bought that April March sings Serge Gainsborg upon hearing it played in the store. Got my first Stereolab there.

Theory Shop, Five Points and Jacksonville Beach

It was totally the best when you could go dancing at Einstein-A-Go-Go and buy 7"s! The 5 Points location was cool too, I bought Sloan Between the Bridges there.

Manifest, Columbia, SC

Another sad sad RIP. It was big and beautiful.

Radio KAOS, Stevens Point, WI
The $1 vinyl at the sidewalk sale was the place to be! Morrissey! Wilco! Other things nowhere near as cool but it was only $1!

Mad City Music Exchange, Madison, WI
The one off the beaten path and near an Indonesian restaurant was my fave in a city of pretty good record stores.

Laurie's Planet of Sound, Chicago, IL
Hey! That's where I work! Back in the day I was a customer too! If I didn't work there I would surely be in there way too much and drive the super great people who work there crazy. Happy Record Store day, everyone! Thanks for coming to see me at POS and being cool enough to buy records, etc.

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