Monday, April 28, 2008

Tim and Eric: Beyond Awesome!!

Wow. Just wow. The DVD of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! Season One was released this week. I don't know why their random, creepy, inappropriate "comedy" resonates so highly with me, but it does. Many are repulsed by this show, I eat it up with a spoon. The DVD is great, and the commentary (particularly David Liebe Hart's discussion of his alien abduction) is a must for any fan.

Tonite I had the honor of seeing them live for the second time, the first being the oddly spiritual show at South Union Arts a few years ago. Thankfully my pals are geeks and we got to the Empty Bottle early and got a spot right in front of the stage which got us prime territory for Papa John's pizza to be tossed at us, hot dogs hurled by Casey and his brother, and Casey puking! The entire show was incredible, but the medley by Casey and his brother was really the best thing EVER! I never thought I'd hear "Cops and Robbers" live, seeing as Casey died in that explosion, but there they were! The live stuff was fantastic, and the video bits of season three (Dr. Steve Brule in an informercial!) were, well, awesome!

Okay wait. It did get better. Somehow I got called on stage for a dance contest! They invited up people in Rats Off To Ya shirts, but I was wearing the Hats Off To Ya shirt ("That's a rarity!")and got to dance to James Quall's Beach Blast. By popular vote, I won SECOND PLACE~!!! I got a copy of their CD (which I had bought upon getting in there, but hey, great gift!) and recognition from many nice people afterwards. Oh, and DJ Dougg Pound's way too brief opening set was super great as well! (Didn't I used to see that guy at Heaven Gallery or somewhere?)


PS - Way dorky pictures abound here.


elisabeth said...

TOO CUTE! congratulations on your big win.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was at the show too but had to leave immediately afterward to drive back to Minneapolis. Did T&A actually stay around afterward and hang out?

Sam said...

Yes, they were super cool and stood in many pictures and signed many DVDs, CDs and shirts. I'll put a link in the main post to my flickr album so you can see my way dorky pictures, plus the one from the signing earlier.

kate said...

I heard there was going to be another show at south union arts on oct 21. Have you heard anyhing about this? It's not on SUA's website and I desperately need to know if I can get tickets so I can buy my plane! before they are like 1200 dollars! ha.

Tony said...

I was there! I was the one who won the contest! :)

Sam said...

Congratulations! Your moves are smoother than mine!