Saturday, April 05, 2008

The New Jay Reatard Single!!

"There's really nothing nothing to it, and that is all that I know." How does this guy write the catchiest pop songs in this galaxy? This is pure jump around your rumpus room arms flailing having a blast. Seriously, Melissa and I just kept flipping it over. and over. and over. I was planning on skipping Pitchfork until they announced Jay (and the two of a fucking amazing one two punch with King Kahn and his Shrines) on Saturday. You can take your Lollapalooza and chug it with your Miller Lite. I will be on a slightly ramshackle foldy lawn chair with my lukewarm Goose Island being creeped out and crapped in. 7 inch of the year!! Oh wait, he has more. Jerk.

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