Friday, July 25, 2008

7" Round Up

My attention span is short lately, as evidenced by the lack of postings, so here's some quick reviews of some singles you might find digging in our 7" section, or on my actual in-store pick rack:

The Barbaras "Summertime Road"
Take some awesome 60s sunshine pop and listen through a paper bag full of airplane glue and you've got this 7". It's the #1 jam of the summer, no foolin'!

Vivian Girls "Tell the World"
Warning: listening to this over and over will put you in a hazy trance. "I Believe in Nothing" is my favorite of the three songs that work together to make a pretty ugly low fi foe funnn sandwich of something I can't put my finger on.

Cococoma/Hipshakes split
Oh this is the sort of stuff that will turn the youngens into rabble rousers. An original by each and a loving cover by each. There will be dirt on your leg when you are done listening to this and you won't be sure where it came from.

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