Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy P4K Weekend!

Sorry dear readers, I did not disappear after my vacation as my lack of posting would indicate. My energy has been sapped by these dog days of summer, which means one thing: It is hot enough to listen to rock music in a park! As per tradition, I will avoid Lollapalooza and will probably only be in Union Park on Sunday. There are some super terrific OTHER shows this weekend if hanging out with hot sweaty people and eating meat on a stick is not your thing. Friday Night's Victim of Time Snooze Fest lineup at Beat Kitchen should be rad and weird. After work Saturday I am heading over to Bottom Lounge, of course, for what should be the SHOW! OF! THE! CENTURY!!!! with King Khan and the Shrines, Jay Reatard, Cheap Time, & A/V Murder (I so hope this doesn't suck. It can't suck, right?). If Sunday's weather doesn't suck I'll hang in the park a bit, but what about the metal at the Bottle that night? Boris, Torche, & Nachmystium! F Yeah! Drink lots of water and don't go too nuts on the Sparks!

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