Friday, February 29, 2008

Andrew Bird and Dianogah played at Hideout tonight.

It was a benefit for Barack Obama. If I was going to make a donation to a political candidate I guess this was the incentive I needed. For as big a Jay Ryan art freak I am I had never seen his band before! Who knew there TWO bass players?! Everyone but me I suppose. They sounded super great and Andrew played some songs with them and it was like some slowcore shoegaze love ca. 1991!

Andrew's set was great. Oldies, recenties, THREE Handsome Family songs with Nora O'Connor, their beautiful version of Dylan's "O Sister" and new songs that didn't sound too bad! Dianogah joined him on a few of his songs and it really sounded beautiful. As not enthusiastic about his last collaboration this one made me very very happy.

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