Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dwight Yoakam's Chicken Lickin' Buffalo Style Bites

I am always eager to try music related food; Kenny Rogers Roasters, Rap Snacks, Linda McCartney's Frozen Veggie meals, Yo La Tengo Taquitos... I was especially thrilled to find these Chicken bites from one of the only good crossover country stars at my local Walgreens for $1!! Seriously, how could I refuse? They were sold out of the other variety of Chicken Fries, so someone was buying them! Upon opening the box I found 5 nuggets, some of which were vaguely boot shaped! I went for the recommended cooking method (over over microwave), and let 'em bake! (Note: you might want to get baked yourself while waiting for them to cook.)

I pulled them out of the oven with great anticpation and partnered the bites with a ramekin of ranch dressing. They were... spongy. The buffalo styleness was tangy. Certainly worth one hard earned dollar and not a penny more. I'm not sure if they are available anywhere but Walgreens. Hmm..

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