Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jay Reatard is going to explode!!

(Note: photo not of Jay Reatard, taken on the way to the show)

I popped my Reggie's cherry last night with Jay Reatard, Submarine Races and Daily Void. I forgot my ID and called ahead and they were cool about it, since it was an all ages show. They said as long as I looked over 18 it was fine, and it was. It is an interesting room with that concrete bunker feel most new rock clubs have. It was super packed so I watched from the balcony, which was designed with giant cross beams in the line of sight. Hmmm. The sound was good up there. First show I've been to with a "mosh pit" in a very long time. Someone got pulled out by a bouncer by the shirt! Double Flying V power on stage. He's gonna be selling out Metro soon.

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