Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Best American Sitcom FINALLY on DVD!

Well, of course it is! Don't be reedikulous! Alright, I'll amend that to "Best American Sitcom Of My Lifetime". Yes, Season 1 and 2 of Perfect Strangers is here! Season 1 was a mid-season replacement and only 6 episodes long, but Balki and Cousin Larry had an amazing chemistry from the very first episode. The physical comedy is up there with I Love Lucy and Three's Company, and yet they manage to squeeze some heart warming message in to nearly every episode. Don't forget the always awesome "comic misunderstand" too! Toss in the fact that it takes place in Chicago and how could you have a more Perfect Sitcom?!

Here's a nice montage of some musical scenes from throughout the show:

I'd also like to present to you the simple Perfect Strangers Drinking Game! Take a shot or drink each time:

•Balki says "Of course...Don't be ridiculous."
•Dimitri, Balki's stuffed sheep appears on screen.
•Balki wears suspenders or a vest.
•A popular song is sung.
•Larry corrects Balki's grammar.

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thatbob said...

OMg i got rickrolled at 2:16 wtf?!?